Health Science Awards

We currently have 6 award competitions available to Indigenous students enrolled in health programs with variable award amounts available each year, including:

  • Lindsay and Elizabeth Gordon Award in Health Sciences*
  • First Nations Health Sciences Scholarship
  • Aboriginal Award in Medicine
  • Harold F. and Anne Bedner Award in Health Sciences
  • Cindy Jordan-Orlaw Memorial Award in Health Sciences
  • Vancouver Island Health Authority Award

To apply, fill out the online application form and select all of the awards you wish to apply to. There is only one application form that is used for all currently open awards, including the Graduate Research and Future Health Professional awards. Upload your additional documentation into the application form and ensure your reference letter is emailed to by the posted deadline.

Additional Documentation Required

  1. Statement of Intent
    A letter describing your educational goals, your vision for the future, and your interest in improving the health of Aboriginal people. Please include any relevant achievements or awards. Letters are not to exceeded 1000 words in length.
  2. Letters of Recommendation
    This award requires letters of recommendation from an employer, professor, or community member who can speak to your academic achievement and potential to make a valuable contribution to the health of Aboriginal people. Undergraduate students are only required to submit one reference letter. Graduate students are required to submit two reference letters.
  3. Transcript
    If your previous year of study was not at UBC an official transcript from your previous institution must be submitted. Continuing UBC students do not need to submit transcripts.
  4. Financial Need Statement
    A statement about your financial situation; please include any exceptional circumstances that you believe the adjudication committee should be aware of. Please include information about any student loan debt, line of credit, etc. Statement is not to exceed 500 words in length. This statement is only used in the adjudication of the Lindsay and Elizabeth Gordon Awards.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Undergraduate or graduate student of First Nations (Status or Non-Status), Inuit, or Métis ancestry
  • Pursuing a degree in any area of health science
  • Enrolled as a full-time student at UBC Vancouver or UBC Okanagan in the 2018W Session

Evaluation Rubric

Academic Excellence (scored out of 10)

  • Transcripts should demonstrate academic excellence and show growth in academic achievement

Letters of Reference (scored out of 10)

  • Academic references should reflect the student’s academic achievement and promise as a future healthcare practitioner
    (Note: Graduate students are required to submit two letters of reference; undergraduate students are required to submit only one letter. The total score for this category is 10 points.)

Statement of Intent (scored out of 30)

  • Demonstrate how your lived experience have prepared you to provide culturally safe care
  • Show personal conviction and preparation to build meaningful relationships with Indigenous peoples and communities as a health care practitioner or researcher
  • Consideration given to personal qualities, character, interest and promise in community development and interdisciplinary health practice
  • Reflect aspects of personal resilience, and a clear sense of direction in educational goals
  • Composition of letter – free of grammatical and spelling errors

Total possible score is out of 50

Financial need may be considered in the case of multiple outstanding applicants.


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