IPH Admissions Requirements

Applying to Credit or Non-Credit

There are different application forms to be completed for the graduate credit and non-credit options of the IPH Training Institutes. The graduate credit application is intended for students who wish to complete the Graduate Certificate in IPH over 2-4 years. The non-credit application is intended for those who wish to take course(s) for professional development purposes. Both credit and non-credit courses can be put towards earning a credential, either the Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Public Health (12 credits) or the Certificate in Indigenous Public Health (Non-Credit). All course content and participation is identical, except for the completion of a final assignment required for credit students two weeks after the institute has ended. Whether credit or non-credit, students are expected to be present for the entire course intensive(s) offered during the IPH Training Institutes. Planned absences must be approved in advance by course faculty or significant consequences could be experienced by students missing class time.

Non-Credit Admissions Criteria (no prior degree necessary)

  • Completed a minimum of 60 credits of undergraduate course work, or
  • Have at least two years work experience in a public health setting or related health-field.
  • Completion of High School or equivalency.

Graduate Credit Admissions Criteria

Admission to the Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Public Health will be granted to students through standard and equivalency pathways.

Standard (Undergraduate Degree)

Candidates will normally have a Bachelor’s degree in a field of study relevant to Indigenous health with one of the following:
• A minimum overall average in the B+ range in third and fourth year level courses.
• Academic standing with at least 12 credits on third or fourth year level courses in the A range in their field of study.
Equivalency admissions into the Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Public Health will be considered for candidates who have demonstrated strong potential in the field of Indigenous health, but may lack the academic qualifications required for admission through the standard pathway. Candidates seeking admission through the equivalency pathway will need to demonstrate the drive to excel and the academic skills required to succeed.

Equivalency Requirements (No undergraduate degree)

  • Minimum 4 years of experience working in a community health setting
  • Recommendation letter from community leadership or health organization
  • Secondary School graduation or equivalency.

During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, our programming is subject to change.  Completion of  Selected Topics course elective(s) will not apply toward earning either credential, except in the case of exceptional circumstances to be determined by the CEIH Directors.  Successful completion of the eight core courses are the usual requirement for the awarding of the Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Public Health and the Certificate in Indigenous Public Health (Non-Credit).  Exceptions are determined on a case by case basis.

Please note that students are required to have completed four courses prior to matriculating into the Certificate or Graduate Certificate stream.  Students who have matriculated into the Graduate Certificate or Certificate (non-credit) stream, will be required to update their personal statement for each subsequent IPH Training Institute application.

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