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We are so excited to welcome our new and returning team members this fall!

September 15th, 2022

With another academic year upon us, we’re excited to welcome new members to the Center for Excellence in Indigenous health Family!

Bree Beveridge

UBC 23 24 Co-Associate Director

Tansi. Bree Beveridge nitisiyihkâson. Niya Nehiyaw iskwew.

Bree is of Cree, Swedish, and British ancestry born just outside of Saskatoon.

Bree brings a decade of experience supporting institutions with decolonial practices. She works with organizations to actively embed Indigenous voices and perspectives in decision-making, providing crucial guidance into strategic planning, developing, and delivering services. She is honoured to have worked with First Nations and Indigenous groups across what is now known as Canada to develop wellness solutions grounded in community-specific strengths that reflect their unique needs and worldviews.

Learn more about Bree here >

Salina Schmidt

UBC 23 24 Curriculum Manager

Salina Schmidt is a proud member of the shíshálh Nation, she resides within her home community on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia within the traditional and unceded lands (*swiya) of the shíshálh  people. 

Salina is incredibly passionate about supporting Indigenous communities through community and consultation-based work. She has had the privileged of collaborating with Indigenous leaders, organizations, and community members to develop and implement programs and initiatives that address their specific needs and goals.  

Learn more about Salina here >

We are also thankful for the return of our lovely Worklearn students: Keira, Toryn, Teah, Chloe and Breeya!

Last but not least a special thank you to Naiying Xue for her work with us at the Centre for Excellence in Indigenous health, we wish her the best of luck as she moves onto a new chapter of her career! We will miss you!

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