Reclaiming Indigenous Children’s Futures through Home Visits and Intergenerational Play spaces

Together with partners, the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) is a successful recipient of the LEGO Foundation Build a World of Play Challenge, a global initiative that funds bold, innovative and impactful solutions focused on early childhood. Our partnership is a collaborative Indigenous approach that includes the Johns Hopkins Center for Indigenous Health in the United States, Te Rōpū Rangahau Hauora a Eru Pōmare/The Eru Pōmare Māori Health at University of Otago in New Zealand and the Batchelor Institute for Indigenous Tertiary Education in Australia. 

Our project, Reclaiming Indigenous Children’s Futures through Home-Visiting and Intergenerational Playspaces, is about expanding innovative and culturally centered maternal and child health programs and intergenerational Indigenous designed community playspaces.The intent is to build a world of play for Indigenous children 0-6, and foster wellbeing for their families. The FNHA will work with participating First Nations communities in BC to adapt the Family Spirit® home-visiting program, created by John Hopkins Center for Indigenous Health to meet their needs. 

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